Dyaqua Invisible Solar


Crowdfunding Campaign

On 17th October 2016 we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds enough to increase the production line of Invisible Solar Rooftile. Previously we often heard to talk about crowdfunding and we became curious about this new solution, then we have decided to put us to the test and try it. Unfortunately we were not able to reach the goal, but it doesn't mean the end of Invisible Solar project! We just continue to follow our initial program, producing Invisible Solar Rooftiles with the artisanal production line we started on June 2016.

However this experience has been very important for us. The cooperation get the work group stronger than before, while the mistakes we done drew our attention to some points of our work that need to be improved.

After years of research and hard work, it was a great satisfaction for us to see Invisible Solar raising such a large interest from all over the world. An interest which was born when we launched the production line on June, takes the first steps during the crowdfunding campaign and it is still growing up.

We want to thanks everyone for their support during the campaign and who is still supporting by spreading the word.

Among them, we thank:

  • Filippo Falleroni Bertoni
  • Vojtech Draxi