Fully integrated LED spotlights

Stone at day, lamps at night

Medea is a collection of special LED lamps which looks like stone, pebble, brick or porphyry. An innovative and ultra-resistant solution to get the best integration everywhere.

LED Porphyry

Built-in spotlights for porphyry floors.
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LED Pebbles

Built-in spotlights for pebble floors.
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LED Bricks

Built-in spotlights for terracotta floors and walls.
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LED Stones

Built-in spotlights for stone floors and walls.
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LED Wood

Spotlights like wooden objects.
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LED Concrete

Built-in spotlights for concrete floors.
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  • Integrated

    Light source blends with the irregular beauty of the natural surroundings.
  • Ultra-strong

    Waterproof and high resistance to impact, load, moisture and solvents.
  • Eco-friendly

    Low energy consumption, air purifier, recyclable and self-cleaning.
  • Long-lasting

    Efficiency up to 70,000 hours of continuous use 24 hours 24.

Transparent opacity

Innovative surface

Medea has a special surface that looks identical to common building materials. Its feature is to be opaque at the sight but transparent for the LED light.
The LEDs source is concealed inside Medea and ready to light both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lampada LED da incasso Medea

Hight handmade quality

Italian Handcraft

Each Medea lamp is made with passion. Our expert hand gives a unique personality to the surface, with the imperfect detail of art that imitates nature.


By the artisanal production we want to reproduce the typical elements of referenced materials, in other words their hues and natural differences. For this reason the lamps will be similar to each other, but not indentical.


Where to install?

Medea offer many different applications, from interior covering to exterior landscaping and flooring, and much more. Instead of visible light sources, you can light your living room or your driveway without ugly breaks.

  • Outdoor

    Driveway, patio, terrace, water feature, pool paving, walkway.
  • Indoor

    Living room, bathroom, office, shops, bedroom and more.
  • Public Areas

    Squares, retainin walls, walkways, playgrounds.


Download the Medea's Catalogue which includes general introduction, products range and technical data.