Tailor-made Medea

Reinvent new and antique spaces with an innovative lighting system for every needs.

Lighting up specific contexts with standardised elements could be difficult and often the result is not the best. For this reason we have decided to develop a complementary service dedicated to the tailor-made production of Medea lamps.

Shape and colour

Tailor-made lamps of Medea Collection fully expresses the versatility of this innovative technology, varying the distinctive elements which define the catalogue models range.
We can make lamps with customized shapes and colours, depending on the customer’s needs. The aim is to overcome the catalogue limits with a spotlight which is specifically designed to meet architectural, functional and aesthetic needs of the single project.

How the service works

  • Consulation - Free feasibility test and quotation.
  • Design and prototype - Study of technical specifications and realisation of a prototype.
  • Production - If prototype is confirmed by the customer, we will proceed to handle the order.

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