Dyaqua Invisible Solar

In production

Solar PV Rooftile

Identical to classic terracotta roof tiles, the Invisible Solar Rooftile finally brings solar energy on heritage assets.

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What Invisible Solar is

Invisible Solar is a new PV technology that take on the appearance of any building material.
Each Invisible Solar module is more than a photovoltaic panel, it also is an active architectural element with various functionality.

Invisible Solar Wood


Integrazione estetica e architettonica

Invisible Solar blends perfectly in the environment where it's installed.

Autopulente, disinquinante

A natural process activated by light to purify air and clean the module surface.


Resistance to high static load, chemical solvents and atmospheric agents.


Non-toxic recyclable materials, from natural origins or reuse too.

Renewable energy
for listed buildings

Invisible Solar integrates itself with heritage buildings and landscapes, with no damages for cultural values.

Help to make
the world healthier

Invisible Solar produces clean energy, uses sustainable materials and purifies air from smog.


Everyone is free to generate his own energy everywhere, independently from major suppliers.

Reuse against urban sprawl

Invisible Solar promotes reuse of abandoned buildings, discouraging from urban sprawl.

PV Stone

How it works

A single and indivisible body, with the highest resistance,
hides and protects the photovoltaic cells inside itself.

How Invisible Solar works

Operating of Invisible Solar modules is based on the low molecular density. Each module is composed of a non-toxic and recyclable polymeric compound we properly developed to encourage the photon absorption.

Inside the module there are incorporated standard monocrystalline silicon cells. The surface, that is opaque at the sight but translucent to sun rays, allows the light to enter and feed the cells.

Astonishing surfaces

Terracotta, Stone, Concrete and Wood.
Invisible Solar is extremely adaptable and can take the appareance of main building materials, offering many possible combinations of shapes and colors.

The aesthetic performance of buildings and landscapes is rescued from a strong visual impact, through a system able to substitute common roofing, covering and flooring elements even on their operation features.

Where to install

Invisible Solar generates all the clean energy
you need by covering roof, wall and even floor.

Roofs - To generate energy by covering and protecting your building.

Walls - Facades covering, garden and patios walling.

Pavements - Outdoor pavement like driveways, parkings and walkways.

All together - Merge all the uses for a widespread system.

PV Rooftile, detail

Recognized by Authorities

In 2015 Invisible Solar has been mentioned by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) as solution to improve energy efficiency in cultural heritage.

PV Concrete Brick


The production has been started for Rooftile only. The other Invisible Solar materials are prototypes that are waiting to be put on production.

Rooftile - Invisible Solar

The unique PV solar roof tile with a realistic surface for the maximum architectural and aesthetical integration in the heritage's town centers too.