Dyaqua Invisible Solar

The production of Rooftile restarts

After a long suspension and important improvements, the order collection is open for the first batch of 14 kWp.

Publication date: 31/10/2019

New Production Line

We are finally announcing the restart of the Invisible Solar Rooftile production. This is a new manufacturing line, developed on the basis of the previous one, which embodies the latest improvements we made to the technology and production process of the Invisible Solar Rooftile.The new production line is modular and designed to be gradually expanded with the support of internal investments.


Optimized production

Some essential changes on the structure of the production line had made it much more efficient, even if it is still entirely artisan.


Rooftile improved

Like for the production line, also the Rooftile undergone to important improvements: we made better connections between the Rooftiles and, above all, the energetic return has been increased.

Craftsmanship e Growth

During the suspension period we came to the decision to continue on the way of artisan production. Our aim is to preserve the product quality, manage the production line in complete autonomy and continue to follow step by step the development of both the product and manufacturing line. Since Invisible Solar is an ever-growing project, we will keep on our researches to get new improvements.

Rooftile - Invisible Solar

The unique PV solar roof tile with a realistic surface for the maximum architectural and aesthetical integration in the heritage's town centers too.