Dyaqua Invisible Solar

The production of Rooftile restarts

After a long suspension and important improvements, the order collection is open for the first batch of 14 kWp.

Publication date: 31/10/2019

New Production Line

We are finally announcing the restart of the Invisible Solar Rooftile production. This is a new manufacturing line, developed on the basis of the previous one, which embodies the latest improvements we made to the technology and production process of the Invisible Solar Rooftile.The new production line is modular and designed to be gradually expanded with the support of internal investments.


Optimized production

Some essential changes on the structure of the production line had made it much more efficient, even if it is still entirely artisan.


Rooftile improved

Like for the production line, also the Rooftile undergone to important improvements: we made better connections between the Rooftiles and, above all, the energetic return has been increased.

Craftsmanship e Growth

During the suspension period we came to the decision to continue on the way of artisan production. Our aim is to preserve the product quality, manage the production line in complete autonomy and continue to follow step by step the development of both the product and manufacturing line. Since Invisible Solar is an ever-growing project, we will keep on our researches to get new improvements.

First batch of 14 kWp

Order collection is opened on limited batches which are sized from time to time on the current manufacturing capacity. As beginning, we made available one batch of 14 kWp (kiloWatt peak) that can be fully or partially ordered until sold out. When all the 14kWp will be ordered, we will open the order collection for a new batch.

Sizing a 1 kWp plant

6 Wp

Rooftile power

12 sqm

Plant area

167 Rooftiles

Amount of modules

7.000 € + iva

Supply price *

* The supply includes the necessary amount of Invisible Solar Rooftiles to produce 1 kWp and special connectors to create strings with the modules.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also install the system?

No, for the system installation you should contact a professional. However, we are available to provide installers with all the information they need to correctly complete the installation.

Can I order only a part of the kW that are available in the current batch?

Of course! The batch represents the maximum amount of kW that currently can be ordered. For example, if you need a 1 kW system for your roof, you can request a quote for that amount. Consider that you can request only whole kW and not half kW (e.g. 1 or 2 kW and not 1.5 kW). Also remember that the quotation is not binding and the batch may run out before the validity of the document has expired.

What is the delivery time? I have urgency.

Delivery times are estimated at the time of the quotation and we foresee a vary from a minimum of 1-2 months to a maximum of 12, based on the requested amount. The definitive calculation of delivery times will be made at the final offer only, before the order confirmation.
The order process is the same also for urgent projects: urgency will be evaluated within the production limits and the other requests.

The current batch is out of stock, when opens the new one?

The opening of a new batch is communicated in three ways: newsletter, our website and the Invisible Solar Facebook page. For now, it does not exist a calendar about the opening of new batches, since each opening is evaluated from time to time in according to the production line capacity and other factors.

Is there a waiting list?

The waiting list is exclusively opened for those who intend to confirm the received quotation but find the batch is sold out. Only in this case we will propose you to join our waiting list for the next batch.

Are the Rooftiles of the batch already in stock or must they be produced?

Order collection is open in batches but the production is carried out on order. This means that we open the order collection for a limited amount of products before to produce them and that we will start to manufacture the order only after its confirmation has been received.
In this way we only collect the orders that we know we can produce, without risking to "congest" the production line.

I want to buy Invisible Solar Rooftiles, how do I make the order?

The order procedure consists of three steps: quotation, offer and order confirmation.
To request a quotation, you have to download and complete the Quotation Request form (downloadable here) and send it to invisiblesolar@dyaqua.it . As soon as possible, we will send you the quotation complete with payment method, shipping costs (if requested), indicative estimate of delivery times and current availability of the batch.
If you want to accept our quotation and still there are still kW available from the current batch, we will send you our final offer that have to be signed for order confirmation and returned along with the required attachments. The offer has a limited duration and temporarily prevent the requested kW to be sold to other customers. If the document will not be confirmed within the validity terms, the reserved kW will be unlocked and made available again for other orders.
If you want to accept the quotation but the batch is already sold out, we will propose you to join the waiting list for the next batch.
If you want to accept the quotation but the amount of available kW is not enough to complete your order, we will send you the final offer to buy immediately the available kW and the invitation to join our waiting list for the next batch. Accepting the invitation, you will be notified in advance when the order collection for the new batch is ready to start. It will not be possible to unify the order in the waiting list.

Is it possible to see some system already installed?

Currently it is not yet possible.

I need an amount of kW much greater than the current batch.

You can send us the Quotation Request form (downloadable here) indicating the amount of kW you need and attaching any additional information about the project. We will evaluate the information received and contact you as soon as possible.

Do you produce Invisible Solar Rooftiles with customized colour and/or size?

The production line exclusively produces Invisible Solar Rooftiles with unique colour and size.

Ask for quotation

Send us the complete Quotation Request Form to receive all information you need to order the Invisible Solar Rooftiles.

1 . Download and fill the Form

To order you must first request a quotation to learn more about delivery times, payment methods,any shipping costs and especially to know if there are still kW available.
Use the button below to download the PDF file of the Quotation Request form. The PDF file can be digitally filled using Adobe Acrobat Reader ( download the software ).

2 . Send your Request

Once you have filled the Quotation Request form, send it to our address below. We will reply as soon as possible.
Remember that quotation request and quotation are not binding, therefore the batch availability may run out at any time.