Medea Catalogue 2018 - Recessed LED spotlights
Luminous Porphyry LED

LED Porphyry

Medea reintroduces the classic italian floor tile for exteriors as an ultra-resistent and suitable for vehicles LED spotlight, which is indistinguishable from the original stones.

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Medea, nature became light - Integrated LED spotlights

Medea, turn on the nature

Realism, security and reliability: these are the ingredients of Medea, a one of a kind and hand made LED lighting system which perfectly integrates the light source to any contexts.

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About us

Dyaqua is a family owned business, active in the production of innovative, functional and sustainable LED spotlights since 2008. Dyaqua conducts a research activity and launched Invisible Solar project in 2010 to bring PV solar on heritage buildings.


Invisible Solar

An innovative technology to bring solar energy on heritage buildings. Indistinguishable from common building materials, Invisible Solar improves the protected historical areas without aesthetical compromises.

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