About us

Dyaqua - Chi siamo

Dyaqua designs and produces innovative solar photovoltaic and LED lighting technologies distinguished by the perfect architectural and aesthetic integration.

Design and Production

We work on the solar photovoltaic and LED lighting fields, creating innovative products and producing them. At the beginning we design and produce only Medea Bright Collection, a line of ultra-resistant LED lamps which looks like common building materials as stones, bricks and paver tiles.

In the meantime we start the research for Invisible Solar, a very innovative solution to bring solar energy in the Heritage sites. After several years spent on its development, we finally launched the handcraft production of Invisible Solar Rooftile on June 2016.

Now we want to improve the production of Invisible Solar to launch new interesting shapes.


Our goal is to create functional and sustainable products, both from ecological and aesthetic point of view. In fact, we use non-toxic and recyclable materials while our products are designed to keep the aesthetic features of buildings or places where they are installed.


Dyaqua cooperates with manufacturer companies, matching the adaptability of Medea LED lamps with ranges of existent products.

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