Luminous Porphyry Medea - Recessed LED spotlights

LED Stone Lights by Medea

Realism, security and reliability: these are the ingredients of Medea, a one of a kind and hand made LED lighting system which perfectly integrates the light source to any contexts.

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Medea LED Luminous Pebble

Luminous Pebbles, best integrated LEDs lights

Perfect to furnish greenery and create quality finishing, the natural aesthetic of pebble turns gardens, path and driveways into a scenographic setting.

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Invisible Solar - Solar PV for the heritage

Invisible Solar, photovoltaic for heritage assets

Indistinguishable from common building materials, the Invisible Solar modules allow to install photovoltaic systems also within heritage areas with no compromises.

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About us

Dyaqua is a small family run business who produce artisan-made products for lighting and photovoltaic, both characterized by a perfect aesthetic and architectural integration.